Find the Most Fun Form of Exercise with Karate Classes in Perth, Clarkson, Joondalup, Mindarie, and Greenwood!

Exercise is necessary for absolutely everyone. As quickly as our medical technology is rapidly accelerating, there will never be a supplement for physical movement. The fact is that, as humans, we are born to be active and …read more .

Find Professional Karate Lessons in Perth, Landsdale, Currambine, and Tapping Through Shobukan Martial Arts

Karate is something that the average person on the street doesn’t truly understand. When asked about Karate, most people will say something about what they have seen on television or in the movies. This is a very limited …read more .

Get Your Children Enrolled in Martial Arts at a Young Age with Kids Karate in Landsdale, Tapping Perth, and Currambine

Karate is probably most commonly associated with ultra-violent action films more than anything else. So reading that you should have your children enrolled in martial arts at a young age might sound a little strange to you as a …read more .

Searching for Kids Martial Arts Classes in Tapping, Landsdale, Currambine, or Perth? Shobukan Martial Arts Emphasises Fitness and Confidence.

The streets once echoed with a series of sounds – the slap of sneakers against the pavement, the summer shrieks of delight, the sharp thud of footballs bouncing off homemade goal-posts. Now silence reigns. Children …read more .

Looking for Martial Arts Classes in Clarkson, Greenwood, Joondalup, or Perth? Shobukan Martial Arts Promises Family Fun and Fitness.

There’s a feeling shared amongst your family – one of listlessness. You spend your afternoons tucked on the sofa, flipping through endless satellite channels and contemplating the crumbs on your fingers. Your bond is cemented …read more .

Discover the Positive Impact of Martial Arts Classes in Perth, Clarkson, Greenwood, and Joondalup on ADHD. Join Shobukan Martial Arts Today.

It’s a lack of focus – every thought spinning toward new directions, every minute blitzed by distraction. Your child struggles with the simplest of tasks, unable to centre his attention. ADHD leaves him frustrated, confused, and …read more .

Shobukan Martial Arts Recognises the Growing Bully Epidemic. We Seek to Counter it With Self-Defence Classes in Clarkson, Greenwood, Joondalup, and Perth.

Each morning begins with a tease. Your child huddles on the bus, trying to shield himself from the endless jeers and jibes. His classmates – desperate to hide their own insecurities – have marked him as different, and this leads to …read more .

Shobukan Martial Arts Can Teach All Ages Karate in Perth, Tapping, Landsdale, and Currambine

Everyone needs a pastime that brings them peace of mind, whether it be fishing, hunting, jogging, writing, painting, or something like meditation. These activities become lifelong hobbies that help us make it through each …read more .

How Karate Classes in Perth and Gosnells Can Boost Your Child’s Confidence

The list of benefits that your child can get from taking part in a karate class is a long one. From exercise and physical fitness to the way martial arts courses can create opportunities for bonding and friendship, karate is a pursuit that yields far more …read more .

Why Your Kids Should Learn Karate from Government-Accredited Instructors in Perth or Gosnells

Are you interested in enrolling your children in kids karate classes in Gosnells or Perth? If so, don’t settle for training that isn’t up to a high standard. Instead, bring your kids to Shobukan Martial Arts and count on our highly trained and extremely …read more .

The Top Four Benefits of Kids Martial Arts Classes (and Where to Find Classes in Perth or Gosnells)

If you have been trying to find the optimal extracurricular activity for your son or daughter, it might be a great idea to consider martial arts. There are sometimes misunderstandings about martial arts schools with some parents assuming that these …read more .

Why Adults Should Consider Enrolling in Martial Arts Classes in Perth or Gosnells

When most people think of martial arts courses, they think of classes designed for children. While karate is a popular activity for kids, the benefits of this type of athletic pursuit are not exclusive to any one age group. On the contrary, one of …read more .

Fight the Bullying Epidemic with Self-Defence Classes in Gosnells and Perth

Bullying is an epidemic. According to research from the Australian Federal Government, one in four students in every Australian school is affected by bullying. That high frequency is alarming and it’s made only more worrisome by the fact that …read more .

Use Martial Arts Classes in Dianella to Learn Skills for Navigating a Stressful World

Between responsibilities at work and home, sometimes just climbing into bed at the end of the day can feel like a major accomplishment. Do you often find yourself replaying the day’s events and worrying about tomorrow, though? The high-stress …read more.

Three Ways Martial Arts Classes in Morley Teach Your Children Important Skills and Values

Being a kid isn’t always easy. Young people must learn how to cope with stress and manage their responsibilities just like adults. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, social pressures on children are more intense than ever. Bullying is an …read more.

Provide Your Children with a Positive Environment: Enrol Them in Martial Arts Classes in Yokine

Every parent wants to set their child up for success in life, whether they’re still young or entering their teenage years. The form these efforts towards growth can change over the years, but at their heart is always your desire to see them …read more.

Get Fit and Learn Important Skills with Karate Classes for Adults in Perth

Do you ever feel like your life is always moving at full speed, with no chance to slow down and find some mental space in which to decompress? That’s an unfortunately common experience among many of us today. Family, work, and other responsibilities …read more.

The Health and Wellness Benefits for Perth Adults Who Enrol in Martial Arts Classes

Finding opportunities to focus on positively developing your health can be difficult, especially when you don’t often make time for exercise. If running on a treadmill bores you and you never have the time to devote to swimming laps in a …read more.

Get Karate Classes and Lessons for Children in Perth

If you want to know what kind of a difference learning martial arts can make in a young person’s confidence and physical ability here’s a little story. A few years ago, a young girl, probably six or seven, who was taking martial arts was preparing …read more .

Learn Martial Arts Training at Schools in Perth

When you were a kid did you try martial arts training in Perth for a while but then as you got older you wanted more time to play football or soccer instead? Is karate something you’ve always wanted to try but your life always seems too busy and …read more .

You Can Learn Karate Training in Our Schools Studio in Perth

Have you always wanted to learn karate in Perth, but you always seem too busy, or maybe you doubted your ability to learn anything useful? Do you think that you’re too old or too out of shape to be involved in something like karate? Is your image of …read more .

Take Womens/Ladies Kickboxing Classes in Perth

There are many benefits for those who take women’s kickboxing classes in Perth. It’s an incredible workout that burns about 750 cals per hour. A recent study in the American Journal of physiology revealed that that exercise that relied upon …read more .

Learn Kickboxing for Beginners in Perth

As a female in the 21st Century, you likely have a lot on your ‘to do’ list—including running a household, carting the kids to and from their various activities and working inside or outside of the home. While it may seem as though …read more .

Kickbox Fitness Classes and Workouts for Fitness in Perth

Are you tired of being tired? If you dream of having more energy but aren’t sure where to begin, kickboxing workouts can help! When you take kickboxing classes for fitness in Perth, you can slowly regain your strength and increase your fitness while …read more .

Fun and Friendly Women’s Self Defence, Martial Arts, and Karate Classes in Perth

“The only thing we can count on is impermanence,”—and that adage holds true regarding our ever-changing environment and daily situations. The fact is that no matter how much we want to control our surroundings and the people with whom we …read more .