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Kickbox Fitness Classes and Workouts for Fitness in Perth

Are you tired of being tired? If you dream of having more energy but aren’t sure where to begin, kickboxing workouts can help! When you take kickboxing classes for fitness in Perth, you can slowly regain your strength and increase your fitness while having fun.

At Shobukan Martial Arts, we offer fantastic kickboxing classes for people of all fitness levels to regain their bodies and increase their health and boost their confidence. We are proud to provide kickboxing classes in Perth that are suitable for the experienced athlete as well as the beginner.

In fact, you don’t have to know anything about kickboxing to start taking our classes and transform your life. Most of our members start kickboxing workout classes without any knowledge of martial arts, placing a strategic kick or throwing a jab. We offer a family-friendly, welcoming environment so anyone can learn the basics of kickboxing and achieve their fitness goals.

Our instructors are all professionals, each trained in martial arts and members of the national government accreditation. Also, we offer free private lessons, so you can come in and get a feel for our studio with no obligation. Here, you will learn the kickboxing basics and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about our classes.

Learn Kickboxing from the Best Instructors in Perth

In addition to offering the most enjoyable and inclusive kickboxing workouts in Perth, we also provide martial arts programmes for adults, teens, and kids. We are a proud member of the only recognised karate council in Western Australia. Our studio is an affiliate of the Australian Karate Federation, and we are acclaimed for continued excellence and professionalism by the Department of Sport & Recreation.

Also, our association with the well-respected sports council enables our prospective members to apply for a KIDSPORT Grant through the council in their local area to help offset the cost of the kids’ programme.

Rest assured, our dedicated instructors are required to complete demanding continuing martial arts education seminars to maintain and enhance their knowledge. Our trainers are proud to continually work to retain their status as mentors with government documented credentials.

Why People Love Kickboxing

The benefits of kickboxing are many to include a remarkable abs and glutes workout, increased energy levels, and stronger endurance. Plus, kickboxing provides everyone with the opportunity to work at their own pace, expanding the intensity of the workout routine as their endurance and fitness levels expand.

Also, a regular kickboxing routine will help with stress as it decreases muscle tension while improving flexibility. Overall, kickboxing is a fabulous way to get back into fitness or catapult your current athleticism to a new level.

Come and discover how you can develop physical and mental skills that will benefit you in all aspects of life. Give us a call today on 93091444 and find out how you can also burn up to 700 calories an hour kicking your way to better health.