Defend Yourself  With Confidence

Kali Sikaran is not just about kicking and punching. 

You will learn to stay safe, be stronger mentally and physically, inside & out.

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Most  Adults invest so much time in their children or their career that they often forget
to look after themselves.

Work gets stressful, you become anxious, tired and your health deteriorates.

Life is just moving too fast!

Violence is on the increase and we need some personal protection skills just in case the need arises to protect yourself and your family.

Most of us have had a gym membership in our lifetime. Only to get bored of the same routine that gives no mental stimulation and you find it hard to stay motivated.

How many times have you said to yourself ?

” I wish i had done martial arts when i was younger…..

” I wish i was fit enough to do martial arts”….

” If only I had kept up my classes! ”

Wish you had more energy to deal with life’s challenges…work, family and fun!

How Is Kali Sikaran Different To Other Martial Arts?

In most Martial Arts, weapons are taught once you’ve had some training experience.

Kali is the complete opposite!

The first thing your taught is how to defend against a weapon…no experience necessary and completely safe. You will learn how easy it is to use common day objects for self protection.

Discover the same techniques used by Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Identity”

….Yes that’s Kali!

We have put together this amazing offer to experience Kali first hand.

You Will Get These Powerful Benefits from Every Class.

Fun, Fitness & Exercise In  A Non – Competitive environment

Functional fitness exercises that provide a whole body workout, keeps you physically fit and mentally stimulated.

The Confidence To Stand Up For Yourself And Others

Self defence is as an important life skill.

Feel Confident learning how to defend yourself and your family.

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5 Lessons & Training Sticks
Only $39

(Value $75)