Master Kyoshin Kayo

Master Kyoshin Kayo arrived to Australia in 1971 to conduct Karate training in Fremantle. A year later he left to return to Japan and had already sown the seeds of this academy. Master Kayo returned to Australia in 1974 and with many of his former students picked up the task of bringing Karate to the local community of Perth,Western Australia.

Master Kayo is a well versed ,an ardent exponent of classical Karate. He commenced training at the age of 14 and has studied all the major Japanese codes of Karate,including Wado Ryu under Hiroki Ohtsuka,Shito Ryu which is our base style under Master Kenwa Mabuni (the founder of Shito Ryu) and Kosei Kuniba(Seishinkai).

The Seishinkai dojo in Osaka became a local point for all the great masters of their time to meet an teach. It was here that Kayo Shihan received instruction from many of the great Karate masters including Kosei Kokuba(Kuniba) , Kenwa Mabuni and Ryusei Tomoyori.

Times were different than they are today. Training involved hours of stances ,repetitious practice of punches and kicks,and a very strict hierarchy in the dojo. Beginners were expected to do all the menial tasks like cleaning and sweeping the training floor,respect was earnt through time,commitment and discipline.



Master Kayo presently holds an 9th Dan in the Shito Ryu code after 20 years as a 7th Dan and 12 years as a 6th Dan. He also holds a 5th Dan in Kobudo (Weaponry) and a 6th Dan in Wado Ryu.

This is just a reward for Shihan(Master) Kayo’s service to Karate,which include :

  • A position as past counselor to the All Japan Karate Federation
  • Chief Instructor of the combined Japanese defense forces
  • Bodyguard to the US ambassador at Expo’70 in Osaka
  • Tour of America in capacity as instructor to their armed forces
  • On June 29, 2019  conferment of the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays, from the Emperor of Japan.

High on the list of priorities for Master Kayo is the level and quality of instructors.He feels that quality must be balanced. It is not all tournament success and physical strength that is the mark of the school.

“The best schools develop an all-round person,there must be good blend of skill and discipline.The whole art is based on physical and mental development-you cannot ever separate the two”

Master Kayo also believes a good Master hopes that his students will go on to become better than him,but at the same time have the development of character to be humble enough to realize who the Master is.

Defense of yourself and others is important. Karate is karate and you can never lose sight of the martial side.You should always train hoping that you will never need to fight but training should be geared towards preparing in case the worse happens.

“A good samurai used to train all the time . He trained not to use the sword,but is ready and able to use it if the need arises”.

We are indeed fortunate to have such a man as Master Kayo as our teacher.

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