How To Blast Fat ,Tone Muscle
& Torch Calories ,In Fun
Fitness Kickboxing Classes

The secret to losing weight and toning muscle is having fun workouts with a fun tribe.

Are you experiencing these hurdles ?

  • You would love to shred 5 – 10 kg’s
  • Frustrated and bored with gyms & gym classes
  • Sick of training alone
  • Want to be able to to slim down to wear the clothes that you haven’t worn for ages.
  • Kids are in school and need to get yourself back into shape.

From our experience  there are HUNDREDS of people feeling the  SAME way.

Most of the Women & Men we speak to experience feelings of frustration, anxiety, low confidence and generally want to feel better about themselves.

Some are parents who have put themselves as a low priority and their health has deteriorated.

Until you find a program with that secret formula ;

  • Your weight will keep escalating
  • You will never stick with a program long enough to experience its results.
  • You will never get to wear the clothes you dream of wearing.
  • Get stuck in the same old food habits of eating and drinking junk.
  • Feel unmotivated, unattractive and feel its  easier to give up.

Let us let you in on a SECRET …

The Secret To Losing Weight &Toning Muscle Is to Have Fun Working out With A Fun Tribe

You see..When you find a fitness routine that shreds kilos & tones muscle with a fun tribe that are like your best mates at school, you have finally found something that you look forward to doing something for YOU each day.

Lots of our members swear that the program has helped them transform the quality of their life and their relationships.

Their behaviour before their transformation involved:

  • Giving up on exercise because they felt they were battling it alone.
  • Never got to wear the clothes they wished they could wear.
  • Gave in to bad eating habits.

Felt they failed in their battle to shred kilos and tone muscle.

It was only natural for them to feel Unmotivated, Unattractive and Helpless.

There are so many programs and memberships available these days, but none really suited their physical and emotional needs.

Most required them to sign contracts and long term commitments, only to leave a bad taste in their mouths when thing didn’t work out as planned or circumstances changed.

We have put together this amazing offer so you can experience it first hand without a huge commitment.

Introductory Special!

2 Weeks Of Fitness Kick Boxing Classes & FREE Gloves

Only $29 (Value $75)

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY While Stocks Last!


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Kick, Box & Burn Calories, Melt Fat, and Tone muscle.

An  ultimate body workout that will transform your body and stimulate your mind, without any bumps and bruises.

You will learn practical moves on your very own punch bag that will help you experience the incredible feeling of releasing all your frustrations.

At last you will be doing something exclusively for you at your own pace with no expectations.

Burn Up To 800 Calories (or more) Every Class

NO Experience Needed!

95% of our members have never thrown a kick or a punch in their life!

So if you’re a total beginner – you’re not alone and are in good hands.

All instructors are professionally trained Martial Artists with Government Accreditation

The hardest part will be saying YES. Everyone was a beginner once – so we just want to support you and help you transform yourself to a slimmer ,fitter, happier you.

Lets do this!

This is more than a Fat Blasting ,Muscle Toning Workout.

Your joining and amazing, supportive tribe.

People come here for the motivating, functional workouts.

What really makes them stay is the amazing support network of instructors and other members around you. Its one big happy family!

Our community here is really motivated to helping each other reach their fitness and personal goals.

Friendships are forged and everyone has your back to help you on your journey to the fitter, stronger more confident you.

You’ll feel the family atmosphere at your very first session.

Unfit and Out of Shape?
Not to  Worry!   Fit and In Shape?
Get ready for a challenge!

Regardless of your fitness level you will be working at your own pace

That means you go at a pace that’s right for YOU.

Out of shape? Take it slow and build up your endurance over time.

Already an athlete? Step it up and challenge your personal best.

Our qualified instructors will be there every step of the way to help you reach new goals and push you to be the best version of yourself.

Our Members Speak Out

Life-Changing Results

“I’m simply amazed how great i feel and I’m losing weight”

I had stopped going to the gym because i was bored until I found KBB. I have never felt better. I have lost weight, have more energy and have a lot more confidence in myself.

The Instructors are extremely helpful and make you feel so much much like a part of the team.

– Tracey

“5kgs in Two Weeks”

After not doing any exercise for over 5 years and after having 4 kids, I finally took the plunge and tried out some classes. I had joined a gym before and got no results and always felt i was left on my own a lot. The team here are so inspiring and we have loads of fun.

My tummy has toned, my thighs are firmer and i feel so much more comfortable now wearing clothes i haven’t been able to wear for years. So grateful I have found something for me!

– Bec

“Motivational Trainer.”

Everyone is welcomed no matter their fitness level and each person is encouraged to reach their personal best.
I continue to see my fitness increase everyday.

– Vicki

“I needed a new challenge”

I joined KBB for a new challenge. I was going to the gym 4 days per week and was just getting bored. I had never done and exercise like this before and the instructors made me feel real comfortable in my first class.

Its an awesome total body workout.

– Melissa

Frequently Asked Questions

  Do i have to be fit to start ?

Regardless of what fitness level you are at , you work at YOUR own pace. Your instructor will guide you if haven’t done exercise before or challenge you if you are reasonably fit.

  Do i need any experience?

NO Experience necessary. It doesn’t matter if you have never thrown a punch or kick before.

Most people haven’t until they start.

Your fully qualified instructor will show you every step of the way.

Watch your confidence sky rocket when you realise what potential you have.

  Is this like a gym membership ?


Most gym memberships require you to sign up for a minimum term.

Your membership at KBB will flexible and tailored to suit you.

How many classes per week should i do?

Thats entirely up to you.

Most of our members do any where between 1 – 3 classes per week and achieve awesome results.

Introductory Special!

2 Weeks Of Fitness Kick Boxing Classes & FREE Gloves

Only $29 (Value $75)

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY While Stocks Last!