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Get Karate Classes and Lessons for Children in Perth

If you want to know what kind of a difference learning martial arts can make in a young person’s confidence and physical ability here’s a little story. A few years ago, a young girl, probably six or seven, who was taking martial arts was preparing to participate in a competition that had been arranged by the club to which she belonged. As she stood on the sidelines, a boy about the same age from another club came up and began to taunt her, saying that girls were nowhere as good as boys in the martial arts. She kept quiet because her sensei (teacher) had taught her not to respond to this kind of teasing. As fate would have it, she ended up sparring against this boy during the competition. She won and went on to finish in the top three her age group.

What happened that day changed her in important ways. Her confidence in herself grew. She felt pride she had never known before, and she even started to do better in school. Her experience with martial arts helped her learn essential life lessons, and they can help your child. If you’re looking for an excellent school for karate for children in Perth, you should contact Shobukan Martial Arts.

Excellent karate lessons for kids

A good martial arts school doesn’t only teach your children karate but other vital skills that can last a lifetime. It also helps them learn values such as focus, control, respect, and discipline. That’s why looking for karate classes for children in Perth is such an important decision for you and your child.

Look for a school that offers your child the chance to take a free class—giving you and them a chance to try karate and get a feel for the teacher and how the classes operate. It’s important to observe how the instructors work with the students. You want instructors who understand how to relate to each different age group and help them learn appropriate lessons about both the martial arts and the life skills mentioned above. Do your children look eager to learn about the martial arts after working with this instructor? You need to ask the school’s operators about the qualifications of their instructors. Where did they study? Are they accredited with the Australian Sports Commission?

While your child is taking her free trial, wander about the facility. Is it clean, well equipped, and safe? Is equipment just lying around or properly stored away? Have the operators of the school answered all your questions to your satisfaction? Remember this is an important decision for you and your child. Take your time to make it a wise one.

A school you can trust

Our instructors are highly qualified and have taught karate lessons for kids for many years. We know how important it is for you to find a school that will not only teach your children martial arts but will also help them learn essential life skills that training in karate provides. We have several easy to reach locations in the Perth area. We are happy to talk to you about our programs and studio at any time. If you and your children are interested in learning more about karate in the martial arts, contact us today.