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Take Womens/Ladies Kickboxing Classes in Perth

There are many benefits for those who take women’s kickboxing classes in Perth. It’s an incredible workout that burns about 750 cals per hour. A recent study in the American Journal of physiology revealed that that exercise that relied upon cardio-conditioning burned about 67% more stubborn belly fat an hour than resistance training. It’s also wonderful for introducing overall muscle tone because women’s kickboxing in Perth requires you to use all your muscles in every part of your body. It also leads to better coordination and balance.

Perhaps the most essential element, however, is the confidence in knowing that you can defend yourself. All the physical benefits are important, but there’s a special empowerment that comes when you know that if you found yourself in a dangerous situation, you’re not totally defenceless. If you’re interested in learning more about ladies’ kickboxing in Perth, you should contact Shobukan Martial Arts.

Looking for women’s kickboxing classes in Perth?

Women’s kickboxing began a sport in the 1960s in Thailand. It was a way for women who were interested in martial arts and boxing to get physically fit. At that time women were not allowed to enter competitions. One of the first countries to adopt kickboxing for women was Australia. We have a long and important connection to the sport, and many Australian women have participated in it. American women began to kickbox in the 70s as an alternative to boxing in which they were not allowed to participate. While the popularity of kickboxing has spread over the world in the past decade because of mixed martial arts competitions on television, is to an excellent way for any individual to get in shape and to learn how to protect themselves.

When you come to our school to take women’s kickboxing classes, you’ll find experienced and professional instructors and a safe and friendly atmosphere conducive to learning. You don’t have to worry about being skilled right away. Our classes are paced to allow individuals to learn gradually and build up their skills over time. Many of the benefits you will enjoy right away, such as improved physical fitness and mental toughness. Over time you will also gain the confidence that comes with the knowledge that you can defend yourself against any attacker.

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If you’re interested in learning more about women’s kickboxing classes, we invite you to come and take a free lesson at one of our many studios in the Perth area. We teach all our lessons in a friendly and safe environment with experienced and professional instructors who know how to help everyone bring out the best in themselves. There are so many benefits for you when you start to engage in women’s kickboxing that you wonder why you hadn’t done it many years before. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in or how old you are; you too can enjoy the benefits that come with this wonderful sport and activity. Contact us today and find out more about our classes.