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Fun and Friendly Self Defence Karate Perth, Martial Arts, and Karate Classes in Perth

Self Defence Karate Perth – “The only thing we can count on is impermanence,”—and that adage holds true regarding our ever-changing environment and daily situations. The fact is that no matter how much we want to control our surroundings and the people with whom we interact, there is no guarantee that we will feel safe in every setting.

However, proactive females can learn to become more aware of their environment and gain the knowledge and self-confidence to get themselves out of a potentially harmful situation. At Shobukan Martial Arts, we focus on teaching Women’s self defence classes in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Our unique classes teach how to land a swift kick and properly place a punch, and to feel confident in all circumstances. Those who take our women’s martial arts classes in Perth will learn awareness and practice the discipline necessary to utilise their full range to strike an attacker if necessary.

Since 1974, Shobukan Martial Arts Academy Perth has been providing women’s self defence classes to help woman to use their bodies as a weapon to thwart off a potentially dangerous person or to safely extract themselves from any situation.

What to Expect from a Woman’s Karate Class in Perth

During our classes, the instructor will focus on teaching you how to punch, kick, and move defensively. Most of the moves are practised on punching bags and help the student to gauge distance to land punches and kicks at their intended target effectively.

The class will include a full body workout designed to build core strength and increase endurance. The participants will engage in a series of repeated movements to include knee-ups, front and side kicks, and punches which may be helpful if needed for self defence.

We strive to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for everyone, and we accomplish this by highlighting the basics of self defence, with an emphasis on fitness, health, and life skills. Our members rave about the positive and family-friendly environment of our studio, and we are proud to inspire our students to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

What Newcomers Love about Karate and Martial Arts Classes

From beginners to experienced karate enthusiasts, our classes are suitable for any fitness level. Our professional instructors utilise years of training experience to ensure that our instruction is suitable for everyone. We are proud to provide training that encourages each student to work at their own pace, striving to reach their unique fitness goals and full potential.

We also offer a free, no obligation class, making it easy for anyone to learn to be safe. Also, unlike most traditional gyms, we don’t require you to commit to a long-term membership. Our programs are tailored to suit your schedule and fitness goals, and we offer up to 15 different classes per week.

Known as an above-average martial arts studio, we care about our members and the community. In addition to self defence and martial arts classes, we offer other options such as bully prevention, school sports program, birthday parties, and corporate events.