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Three Ways Martial Arts Classes in Morley Teach Your Children Important Skills and Values

Being a kid isn’t always easy. Young people must learn how to cope with stress and manage their responsibilities just like adults. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, social pressures on children are more intense than ever. Bullying is an epidemic problem, too. Considering all of this, how can you prepare your child to meet these challenges with the right attitude? Creating a foundation of strong values for them to build from is the best idea. At Shobukan Martial Arts near Morley, we provide classes for young children and teenagers that equip them with the skills necessary to navigate the trials of growing up in a modern world.

How, though? The reality is that the martial arts aren’t just about self-defence — rather, they are about using principles of mindfulness and awareness in the pursuit of defence. At Shobukan, we extend this philosophy into an effort to foster a healthy and supportive environment for young people. By teaching both martial arts and valuable life skills, we hope to prepare your children to enter society as engaged and contributing members. Overall, there are three important ways that martial arts classes near Morley can help your child grow. What are they?

What can your kids learn from martial arts in Morley?

First and foremost, of course, are the arts of self-defence. With rampant bullying, the ability to stand up for oneself without using an aggressive posture is important. These classes aren’t about being on the offensive; instead, students learn the value of respect and how to hold their ground. While life is challenging, the right attitude can make a big difference.

Second, these classes can help teach your child about the need for discipline. The martial arts demand practice and close attention to form. By focusing on improving their abilities in class, your child can learn the value of hard work towards goals. This transfers easily to their performance in other areas.

Finally, your child will learn to be more confident. As they improve their abilities during classes and progress through the programme, their confidence in themselves will increase. This is essential for boosting self-esteem. Overall, through the practice of these ancient martial forms, children can gain the positive affirmations they need to create a drive for success.

Contact us to enrol your child with Shobukan Martial Arts

We invite you to come and see the way we work with our students first-hand — or perhaps you’d even like to try it yourself. We provide adults in Morley with martial arts instruction as well. To help you develop a feel and a sense of comfort in our studio, we offer two obligation-free private lessons. Meet our instructors, learn some of the basics, and come to understand our philosophy. We’re confident you’ll find Shobukan Martial Arts to be a welcoming and positive environment for your child. To explore booking options or to request more information, click here to contact us now.