Focus is very important in Shobukan Martial Arts, as it is in everyday life. Focus is about directing all of your attention to one set task. It is about being mindful and living in the present moment. The ability to properly focus our efforts is an invaluable skill. While this may sound simple it can often be difficult to achieve.

Focus can be developed and improved over time. Shobukan Martial Arts can greatly help with this, as you need concentration and focus in order to progress. The more you advance through the belts, the more attention you require for each technique and lesson.

Shobukan Martial Arts aims to teach self-defence, but more importantly they teach responsibility and control. To correctly execute Martial Arts, one must perform with precision, controlled breath, proper posture, and balance, all of which are vital elements to focus successfully.

Like many physical activities, Martial Arts require that its students command multiple elements simultaneously in order to continue seeing improvement. Of course, that doesn’t come without regular concentration.

A simple way to improve focus is to control your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your stomach expand with each breath in, while contracting with the breath out. Do not focus on anything but your breathing. It will become evident that it is not just the breathing that is helping your focus, but being able to empty your mind from thoughts and worries. This short meditation can help in times of stress – simply close your eyes and taking a few deep breaths for about a minute. This will help you focus and be able to concentrate properly on the task at hand.

Focus can be easier for some than others, just like some Martial Arts moves are easier for some than others. However, it is a very important attribute for martial arts and life. Therefore, you need to continue to develop it. As your ability to focus develops in your Martial Arts training, it will naturally expand into other areas of your life, such as school or career. Remember that when we set our minds to accomplish something, it is focus that ensures we see it through to the end. Without this skill, our actions might not amount to much at all.


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