Self Defence

Even prior to the pandemic, an estimated 30% of women globally experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime. The rate has increased especially during lockdowns. This increase the demand for self defence among women who want to live their lives unconditionally.

Here is the list of 7 benefits for which women should learn self-defense:

1. Helps women protect themselves from domestic violence

In the UK, domestic attacks against women get doubled relative to the 10-year average between March and April 2020. To save their lives and deal with emotional and physical breakdowns women should learn self defence. Violence against women can lead to more death, disability, and illness to women. Learning self-defense gives you the ability to safeguard yourself even from your close ones.

2. Self defence builds confidence in women.

Learning Martial arts gave confidence to women that no one can take away. It successfully defends women in a self defence situation. Self defence techniques call excellence out of women and empower them to be more than what they believe they can be.

3. Taught Women to Take Control of Themself

Women’s self defence taught them to take the responsibility of safety into their own hands. Taking Self Defence Classes Australia can help prevent them from becoming victims. It’s always beneficial for women to take self-defence classes perth and it gives them the confidence to live life on their own terms and conditions.

4. Self defence teaches discipline

Self-defense taught women how to be calm, and respond mindfully in difficult situations. It trains women proper body control and offers overall strength, flexibility, and cognitive awareness. Learning self-defense pushes them to grow out of their limitation and make their lives more discipline to achieve their goals.

5. Self-defense revives the mind

Self-defense classes are also a fantastic way of exercise, they help you tone your body, stay focused and keep aligned with your goals. It relaxes your body, and mind and gives you confidence. Self-defense is not all about using your hands and legs to protect yourself. It also teaches you to successfully escape from a dangerous situation.

6. Give the flexibility to choose your profession

As women, we are continually urged to be responsible for ourselves. We are told to be responsible for our reserves. We are told to express our pressure and urged to be responsible for our wellbeing, and wellness. It makes sense that we ought to be responsible for our self-protection. Is it actually so difficult to add a self-defense class to our daily schedule as we could add the most recent yoga, pilates, or exercise trend? Nonetheless, not at all like a trend, this is the kind of thing that will really make a great, positive change in our lives.

7 Empower you to live a happy and safe life

Women’s self-protection gives utilitarian systems, strategies, and preparation techniques to stop an aggressor aim on harming you. It gives you the security and certainty, at present, that you can safeguard yourself should the need emerge. Tragically, regardless of how very much planned, philosophies can’t do that. So until education finds reality, protect yourselves. Put resources into self-defense today.

You may consider taking up martial arts academy in Perth such as Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, or Karate. Likewise, many providers offer personal training or group sessions/courses that you can join for self-defense.


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