Self-Defence Classes in Perth, Clarkson, Greenwood, and Joondalup

Shobukan Martial Arts Recognises the Growing Bully Epidemic. We Seek to Counter it With Self-Defence Classes in Clarkson, Greenwood, Joondalup, and Perth.

Each morning begins with a tease. Your child huddles on the bus, trying to shield himself from the endless jeers and jibes. His classmates – desperate to hide their own insecurities – have marked him as different, and this leads to constant bullying. School has become an emotional minefield that’s impossible to navigate, and your son feels the effects all too keenly.

You want to help – and so do we. That’s why Shobukan Martial Arts offers self-defence classes in Clarkson, self-defence classes in Greenwood, and self-defence classes in Joondalup. We help children build confidence, discipline, and respect: countering the growing bully epidemic with a strong emotional core. To learn more register for a free trial today.

Shobukan Martial Arts: About Us

Established in 1974, Shobukan Martial Arts follows a simple philosophy: to provide our students with the skills they need to succeed (in both Karate and life). Our self-defence classes in Perth fully embrace this philosophy, emphasising improved fitness and equally improved esteem. Our instructors – all boasting accreditation with the Australian Sports Commission, as well as having their Working With Children checks – provide structured training and confidence-building techniques.

This is essential for combating the issue of bullying, with self-defence classes in Clarkson, Greenwood, and beyond providing children with a powerful mental foundation.

The Bully Problem: Examining the Need for Self-Defence Classes in Greenwood and Beyond

Educational environments are no longer protected. Instead, children trade harsh words and harsher blows, with the Safe and Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Foundation revealing a shocking rise in bullying. It reports that approximately 27% of all students experience some form of malicious teasing, rumour spreading, or cyber stalking.

These numbers highlight the growing issue within our school system – as well as the need for self-defence classes in Joondalup and self-defence classes in Perth. These programmes allow children to gain a greater sense of control over their lives, improving their physical abilities and increasing their self-esteem. The purpose is not to encourage fighting. It’s rather to promote discipline, allowing students to focus on bettering themselves instead of worrying about the opinions of others.

Our Self-Defence Classes in Clarkson and Beyond

To help bolster each child’s sense of esteem, we offer two self-defence classes in Greenwood:

The Little Samurai
Intended For: Ages 4 to 6
Emphasises: Basic Motor Skills, Listening Skills, Confidence.

The Young Samurai
Intended For: Ages 7 to 12
Emphasises: Concentration, Fitness, Discipline.

These self-defence classes in Joondalup and self-defence classes in Perth provide children with the mental, emotional, and physical training they need – allowing them to devote themselves to achieving goals, rather than feeling helpless. They become proactive.

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