Most people are now spending time indoors because of the curfew that limits social interactions to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona virus. This means that people spend most if not all of their time at home.

If you’re a child is used to outdoor activities such as cycling or walking, then the isolation imposed by the Covid-19 virus interferes with their leisure time. Furthermore, when children stay at home, they’re likely to spend most of their time watching TV or playing video games. This article shares with you some simple exercises that can be performed outdoors to keep you and your children fit during the lockdown.

1. Walk Up and Down the Stairs

Going up and down the stairs is a time efficient and effective way for you and your children to keep fit. Studies shows climbing stairs quickly for 20 seconds improves your fitness in six weeks. If you live in apartment with an elevator, you should skip it and take the staircase instead. You can also use the staircase in your house.

2. Exercise Using Your Own Body Weight

Bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, press-ups, and planks are crucial for staying healthy. They are effective aerobic exercise that helps you build muscles and burn fat. People of all ages can take part in bodyweight exercises. You and your children should do a few sets of bodyweight exercises that consists of 15 repetitions each.

3. Dance

Concerts are now being held online. You can take advantage of the concerts and aerobic tunes to dance with your children at home. Studies have shown that dancing improves cardiovascular health and keep you fit. Moderate and high-intensity dancing can also improve mental health and deal with the depression that come with isolation.

4. Play with Your Pets

Although social distancing is encouraged in the middle of the pandemic. This doesn’t mean you and your children cannot play with your pets indoors. For example, you can play with the family dog around the house.

5. Mind What You Eat

Picking what you eat is important during the pandemic because a sedentary lifestyle coupled with high calories foods is likely to lead to weight gain. You should also remember to stick to regular meal times. If you’re exercising and eating wrong foods, it’s an exercise in futility. The stress that come with isolation may also make us eat more than we need. So, it’s a good idea to keep watch of what you eat during the pandemic.

6. Do Outdoor Activities Everyday

Even in the midst of the pandemic, it’s good to do some outdoor activities. For example, if you have a garden, you can take care of it together with your children. Outdoor activities not only keep you and your children safe; it gives the opportunity to interact with nature. This helps you relieve stress.

7. Walk with Your Children

Take the necessary precautions like wearing a mask and keeping your hands clean and sanitize. Then take your children for a walk in the neighbourhood or at the park. Studies show that walking keep you fit while improving the functioning of your brain.


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