Karate is one of the most effective exercises that help children develop physical and mental power. Life is full of challenges and therefore having mental and physical power comes with an advantage. Mental and physical power is what help endure tough times and come out victorious. No sports teach this better than Karate. Martial arts like Karate inculcate mental and physical power over time. Read on to find out more on how karate helps your child develop mental and physical power that help them overcome many obstacles in life.

The Physical Benefits of Karate

Just like other sports, karate improves cardiovascular fitness and the strength of the muscles. However, karate does more compared to other forms of exercises because it also tends to improve stamina, posture, and flexibility. For instance, a study 2014 revealed that children who practice martial arts develop a faster reaction time and a better balance over time. A study done among Portuguese adolescents who took martial classes showed that the students had strong bones that were less likely to break.

Karate involves several muscles responsible for balance and coordination. Training these muscles improve balance and decrease the likelihood of falling, a factor that has been by a study by the American Geriatric Society in 2016. In adults, martial arts can help reverse the decline that come with age. The quick movements executed in martial arts exercises can also help improve peripheral vision and perception in trainees of all ages.

The exercises students do in karate classes have a significant on strength and muscle development. Karate also helps children maintain healthy weight. Recent studies have shown that childhood obesity is a growing problem. Martial arts provide the intense work out needed to maintain a healthy weight.

Lastly, martial arts are also known to improve your flexibility. In most martial arts class designed for children, stretching is one of the core exercises because it prevents injuries. Furthermore, it improves the range of motions they can do and their overall performance.

The Mental Health Benefits of Karate

A study published in the American Journal of Psychotherapy suggests that martial arts can be used as a form of mental therapy. Martial arts help relieve negative emotions, for example, martial arts like karate involve breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are known to be therapeutic and produce a calming effect. The physical exercises included in karate classes are also therapeutic because they help children discover their suppressed emotions and feelings.

Several studies have also suggested that martial arts students tend to see a significant improvement in cognition and behavior. For example, several studies have shown that martial arts improve assertiveness. Older adults who took part in the studies reported reduced symptoms and anxiety and depression. In children, the study found that practicing martial arts can improve their self-esteem through physical fitness and the ability to defend themselves against opponents.

The positive mental effects of learning martial arts also include improved ability to regulate and manage anger. Karate classes teaches children how to resolve conflict without violence although karate is a form of self-defense.


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