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Bullying in schools is a common problem in Australia and most western countries. The increase in the rates of bullying in schools can be attributed to poor socialization and the media. Children who are bullied perform poorly in school and suffer emotional and psychological damages. Consequently, schools have implemented different anti-bullying programs to try to curb the vice. Nevertheless, cases of bullying and incidents of extreme aggression in schools have continue to be reported.

Luckily evidence is increasingly showing that Martial Arts could be the permanent solution to bullying in schools. Don’t get it wrong, we are not advocating for confrontation and fights. Martial Arts help prevent bullying by boosting the confidence of the child; teaching the child discipline and self-control; and teaching him/her the self-defense skills they need to use when there’s a scuffle. Continue reading to learn more about the skills martial arts teaches your child to help him/her ward off bullies in school.

  1. Learning Confidence

In martial arts classes, students learn challenging things every day as they progress. When students successfully master and execute what they have been taught, it boosts their confidence and esteem. Remember, bullies target those they perceive as weak. Some martial arts courses include specific instruction on how to deal with bullies in school. For instance, student may be asked to role-play a typical bullying scenario, which teaches them to handle confrontations.

  1. Teaching Discipline

All certified martial arts teachers emphasize to their students the importance of discipline in everything they do, including school and homework. This discipline help students to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Martial arts help students explore their limits, maintain their cool, and deescalate the situation with a bully.

  1. Teaching Respect

Martial art is a game of respect; students are expected to show respect for instructors and fellow students at all times. This respect extends in their interactions with peers, friends, teachers, parents and significant others. By respecting others, the children also learn to show themselves respect. Self-respect teaches the child that nobody is worthy of bullying.

Moreover, the moves students learn at Shobukan Martial Arts radiate confidence, which sends the bullies packing naturally. The breathing exercises taught in martial arts helps student learn how to control their emotion, for example, maintaining a firm tone when deflecting a bully.

  1. Learning Self-Defense

It’s obvious that a child who learns martial arts know how to defend himself/herself against physical aggression. At the same time, students are taught to exercise extreme caution when using their martial arts skills. Martial art is used for self-defense; not attacking others. Children with knowledge of self-defense are less likely to be bullied.

If you have been following the discussion, it is evident that martial art is an effective solution against bullying. Don’t hesitate to enroll your child in one of the traditional martial arts courses at Shobukan Martial Arts. Apart from keeping away bullies, martial arts also teach your child good leadership skills that can benefit him/her in the future.


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