How Martial Arts Help Children Who Have Autism!

Children with Autism are special with special needs. Body awareness, mental stability, and core strength can be challenging. The reason they may find tasks difficult. This can be quite frustrating and demotivating for them sometimes.

Martial arts has proven to offer positive effects on the life of these kids. Research has found that martial arts helps improve physical coordination and increases self-esteem.

What Is Exactly Autism?

Autism is a condition where kids have difficulties with communication and social interaction. These issues are related to verbal and nonverbal communication. A common feature of autism is repeating moments and doing stereotyped things.

So, with that in mind, do you think that someone who has autism should do things like martial arts. Something that requires the repeated practice of punches, kicks and more?

Kids with autism would experience;

• Struggles in expressing emotions.

• Difficulties with attentiveness.

• Poor eye contact and lack of facial expression.

• Abnormal rhythm.

• Having difficulty understanding nonverbal cues.

Here’s how martial art will help someone suffering from autism:

It Will Increase Socialism:

Martial arts will encourage children to be more social and actively involved. They will interact with trainers, students, and their friends. All who are learning the same skills.

Karate moves, often need a partner. Children build trust in their training buddies. Making them feel comfortable in other social environments. With time, their self-esteem will increase, and they will become more open.

It’s All About One’s Personal Growth:

Kids with Autism have learning and attention issues. The reason some kids may find some tasks frustrating. Traditional sports don’t appeal to them. Martial arts aids in self-improvement and there’s “no letting the team down”. Respect is a core value in a martial arts that students will show to their instructors and to their mates.

Improve Physical Behavior:

Kids with Autism show repetitive actions. Martial art training also requires repetitive movements. Techniques that are performed various times to master the form. Martial art develops a healthy relationship with autistic children.

Improves motor skills.

It helps perform everyday actions like playing, running, walking and more with ease. The nervous system develops offering improved motor skills and high internal coordination.

Will Teach Self-Control And Discipline:

Attention and mental stability are important for everyone. Martial arts will teach children to become mentally stable. It helps children develop a better feel for their body. This is helpful for kids who suffer motor skills.

They Will Learn To Use Energy:

Contrary to belief, martial art doesn’t encourage violent behaviour. Instead, the instructors consider fighting as a last resort. Actions such as kicking and punching will divert anger and frustration.

It Increases Mental Abilities:

Kids with healthy mental skills have strong skills and high instincts. They are confident and also take on difficult tasks with the breeze.

Martial arts training increases mental awareness and fosters calmness and serenity. It helps to increase the neuronal cells of the brain. Increasing cognitive and learning abilities among autistic kids.

If you want your child in the right frame with all mental abilities and confidence. Enroll them in martial art class and improve their interpersonal and social skills. Building a healthier body and a healthier mind.

Shobukan is proud to partner with the Paint Me A Rainbow Association

A Non for Profit Association within Western Australia.  Their mission is to help bring awareness and acceptance for children living with an Autism diagnosis.

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