Coordination is the ability to move swiftly and purposefully. Physical coordination is known to positively affect the performance of children in sports, school and other areas of life. Karate improves coordination by making students more mindful about their bodies; how they move; and how the body functions. Karate helps children develop higher coordination skills through moves such as kicking, jumping and turning quickly. The sport also assists children developing fine motor skill such as the correct foot and hand placement.

Good coordination is crucial is building confidence in martial arts because it means that the students execute the moves accurately. Skills that are refereed to as coordination include things like judging distance, speed, spatial awareness, and changing angles among others. The good thing is that coordination is a skill that can be improved over time. Most martial arts programs teach a new student general movement that are learnt through repetition. After the student has mastered the basic moves, he/she is taught complex moves. This significantly improves coordination even for children with disabilities.

Studies have shown that martial arts improve coordination among students with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Children with the condition experience difficulty including delays in achieving developmental milestones, clumsiness, and problems with writing. Statistics show that up to 6% of children have DCD, which can lead to poor academic achievement and social isolation. Researchers found that practicing martial arts like Karate and Taekwondo improves coordination in these children.

For one to make coordinated body movements there must be cooperation between the body and the mind. The mind creates and visualizes the moves while the body executes them. This benefits the mind by training it to focus on one thing until it’s accomplished. Hence, martial arts improve coordination and focus at the same time. The ability to focus on task until it’s complete is crucial for success in all areas of life.

Martial arts also improve coordination by training the mind to memorize and retain movements. Some coordination issues are not caused by physical limitations. Some children may show poor coordination because the part of brains responsible for executing such moves have not been stimulated. Martial arts improve coordination in children by teaching children the basic moves that are required to execute a complex move step-by-step.

Martial arts also improve coordination in children by enhancing concentration. Martial arts improve listening skills and the ability of children to follow instructions, leading to better performance in the execution of different tasks. The positive effects of martial arts on concentration is evident in the studies done among children with attention deficit disorder. The children showed remarkable improvement in coordination and the ability to concentrate.

Many institutions and parents are already turning to martial arts as a way of enhancing coordination in children. Thousands of children are already benefiting from such programs, and yours could be next.


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