Martial arts games like Karate and Taekwondo are often associated with violence because how the arts are portrayed in the movies. Martial arts are not violent in nature, they’re a philosophy that connect the body, the mind, and the spirit. People who have practiced martial arts are aware of the psychological benefits the sport bestows upon them.

Martial arts training that involves hitting and punching bags makes students to experience a sense of calm. Martial arts philosophies also encourage meditation and being one with self. Psychological studies have found that meditation is one of the most effective practices for calming the mind.

Martial arts connect the body, spirit, and the mind because the training is comprehensive. Let’s discuss in details how martial arts training connect the mind and body while improving health.

The Impact of Martial Arts on The Body

Martial arts training gives you a whole-body workout, which improves your overall health, strength, flexibility, fitness, and co-ordination, and balance. It also tones the core muscles and teaches one to breathe if taught properly.

The Effect of Martial Arts on The Mind

Traditional martial arts training is a long-term pursuit, not a quick solution. The movements in martial arts training are drill programs that make students to repeat the same body movements. This strengthens the mind and teaches positive values such as dedication, focus, attention, and dedication.

Focusing and executing one task as martial arts demands require meditation while moving. You have to push back other thoughts and focus 100% on the move your executing. This has a side effect of calming the mind and make you feel confident. It also silences that inner voice that seem to interfere with concentration.

Martial arts connect the mind and the body by making students to focus on how they feel on the inside. When training students are required to maintain body posture and balance, and watch to see whether smooth enough. Feeling your own movements as you, train heightens self-awareness and increase the connection between the mind and the body.

One old karate wisdom states the before you can control someone else, you have to master self-control. This is the highest form of self-awareness where the mind become aware of other parts of the body and strikes a balance. After practicing for a while, this awareness becomes an automatic response, which enable one to respond quickly to emergency situations.

How Martial Training Affects the Spirit

The traditional martial arts philosophy encourages practitioners to constantly improve themselves. For instance, for students who train with partners, the level of activity is gradually increased. Most prearranged drills for advanced students involve high intensity and emotionality.

Although students display high degree of emotionality, their intention is not to harm each other. This is what develops the spirit because it makes students to face their fear and replace it with incredible focus and the desire to succeed.

Enrolling your child in a martial arts class is the surest way to make sure they develop holistically with a deep connection between the mind, body and soul.


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