One of the key tenets in martial arts is honesty. Martial arts students are expected to act honestly at all the times. In modern societies it’s increasingly difficult for parents to teach their children about honesty because the media is full of public figures misbehaving. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes is the most effective way of teaching them discipline.

In martial arts schools, students are expected to act with integrity in everything they do. Students are taught right and wrong and the rewards to expect if they adhere to the rules. Having integrity means acting with honesty and good intention. Some of the ways martial arts instructor help students embrace the virtue of honesty include:

  • Telling students what honesty is and why it matters. Instructors also give students honest feedback and show them how to tolerate meaningful criticism. This teaches them how to be honest without hurting others, which is the cornerstone of integrity.
  • Teaching them the value of integrity. At the start of martial arts training, students concentrate on the rank they have attained and the color of the belt they’re wearing. Nevertheless, as the child continue with the training, they come to learn that training is important than knowledge and skill. This teaches them value of integrity, which spills to other areas of in life like education.
  • Martial arts training teaches children honesty by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions. Martial arts teach children to control their actions and emotions. The habit of making excuses and blaming other people is an indication of failure to take responsibility for one’s actions. Once we start to take responsibility for our actions we act honestly.

Honesty come from integrity and morality, and the tendency to follow through with actions. Every time your child attends a martial arts class, he/she gets the chance to see things in motions. They get to see instructors acting and adhering to the rules.

When children are taught about integrity, it also assists them in school. For example, honest children will not lie or cheat in school. Furthermore, they’re less likely to bully others or fall for peer pressure that may lead them to dangerous or unhealthy behavior.

Martial arts teach students to display ethical behavior at all times. Ethical behavior in martial arts is considered to be the spirit of the game. Students are expected to behave in a righteous manner both in words and actions. Ethics is an integral part of martial arts training that sets the guidelines for all the practitioners.

Moreover, the culture and the traditions of martial arts are based on ethics. It also takes into consideration the morals and the law codes of modern societies. For instance, nonviolence is one of the key concepts in martial arts in addition to courtesy, loyalty, and friendships.

Most martial arts instructors regularly teach ethics to students, which is the best way of transferring honesty because it’s done through instructions and visible deeds. Allowing your child to join a martial arts class is the surest way of letting them learn honesty through practice.


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