Flexibility helps us stay agile and perform difficult tasks as we age. People who age while inflexible may sustain injuries or find it difficult to perform certain tasks in life. Flexibility is one of the core principles in martial arts training meaning that classes start and end with stretching exercises. Therefore, people who train in martial arts from a younger age will maintain their flexibility as they grow old. Read on to find out how martial arts improves your flexibility with dynamic stretching.

Flexibility is a skill that takes time to develop just like other skills in martial arts. This means that you must be consistent in your training to start seeing improvements in your flexibility. Most martial art experts advise trainees to be taking at least 5 minutes to stretch before training and after training. It is important to note that the type of stretching exercises you do in martial arts depends on your level of experience. Beginners start with simple stretching exercises.

Improving flexibility is as important as perfecting other techniques because flexibility allows you to execute advanced moves in martial arts, for example, roundhouse kicks. Dynamic stretching is also an effective warm up exercise because it warms up cold muscles. Now that you know how martial arts makes you flexible, let’s look at the 3 of the best martial art stretches.

Martial Arts Stretches 

Martial arts stretches are effective yet they are the most under-utilized techniques that enhance performance while preventing sports injuries. Some people are mistaken that simple exercises like stretching are not effective. This perception is wrong because stretching is used in rehabilitant sprain and strain injuries.

Stretching plays a critical role in any athletics, but in martial arts it plays even a crucial role because the extreme range of emotions needed to perform most kicks. Moreover, the explosive nature of martial arts requires trainees to have flexible muscles and joint. Before we share with you the 3 key martial art stretches, we would like to advise you that the moves cannot be performed if you have chronic or recurring joint and muscles injuries.

High-Leg Knee Hamstring Stretch While Standing

Stand with one of your feet raised while stepping on a table. Bend your leg while leaning your chest towards your knee.

Leg-Out and Adductor Stretch While Squatting

While standing with your feet wide apart, straighten your toes pointing forward and bend the other leg as you turn your toes outside. Proceed to lower your groin towards the ground while resting your hands on the ground or on your bent knee.

Assisted Chest and Shoulder Stretch in Reverse

Stand upright adjacent to a table with your back facing the table or bench you’re using. Place your hands on the edge of the table. Start by bending your arms and lower your entire body slowly. Those are the 3 main stretches in martial arts although there are many others that will help you build a flexible body. Don’t hesitate to join martial arts classes if you want to improve your flexibility.


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