Integrity is a super virtue that includes things like telling the truth and acting with dignity and respect. However, in martial arts, integrity and honesty means the same thing. For instance, an honest individual has strong moral values. This’s what integrity is.

Integrity is an important value in Shobukan martial arts. Martial artists are trained to honor what they promise every time. Students are expected to adhere to all the rules whether they’re watched or not. Moreover, martial arts students are encouraged to honor their promises in all circumstances. This means that martial artists are trustworthy individuals whom you can depend on when in need. It will be good if your child grows up into someone people admire and respect.

Martial arts games like Karate and Taekwondo are often associated with violence because how the arts are portrayed in the movies. Martial arts are not violent in nature, they’re a philosophy that connect the body, the mind, and the spirit. People who have practiced martial arts are aware of the psychological benefits the sport bestows upon them.

Martial arts training that involves hitting and punching bags makes students to experience a sense of calm. Martial arts philosophies also encourage meditation and being one with self. Psychological studies have found that meditation is one of the most effective practices for calming the mind.

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