Our Mission

Through high quality martial arts instruction in Perth, Western Australia,we empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential. By emphasizing self-defense, health, fitness and life skills in a friendly, safe, positive environment, we inspire our students to become more confident, successful contributing members of our community.

Through teaching methods which have been successful since Shobukan Martial Arts, Perth was established in 1974, you or your child will benefit mentally and physically through training with Shobukan Martial Arts in Perth Western Australia.

Our Invitation to you

Learning martial arts in Perth is fun and provides lifelong benefits. But, we know it can be a little intimidating to jump right into a class.So, we invite you to come in for some free private lessons with no obligation.

You will learn some basics and we can answer all your questions.You will see for yourself how we help people of all ages develop physical and mental skills that help them be their very best in all aspects of their lives.

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Our free trial program starts with two private lessons with one of our fully qualified instructors. Our free trial program is a great way to experience the excitement at our school, and see if Shobukan Martial Arts is what you have been looking for!



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  • chickChick
    Fantastic! My daughter has Aspergers and the Shobukan Young Samurai program has helped her balance, confidence, ability to remember more than one instruction at a time, fitness and she can raise one leg off the ground without falling over most of the time now! She loves the lessons and the fantastic instructors.
  • 10435832_830797713652569_1700241290714031524_n (1)Paul & Sophie Franceschini
    Shobukan have a unique approach in teaching children and adults of all ages. Their instructional style is informative, professional, disciplined, challenging and fun. These great qualities have enabled Stephanie and Danika to achieve great success in traditional karate techniques and in the competitive karate arena with a number of Australian Gold Medals. We highly recommend Dion and Michael without hesitation or qualification.
  • 10523338_10203385576032252_8141336022525715782_nCharmaine
    We were previously with another club who after 1yr still did not know my daughter's name, nor could she even kick properly. We have never looked back since moving to Shobukan. The teachers are fantastic and focused on developing the children to be the best they can. There are numerous teachers per class to ensure everyone receives the proper attention. Teachers know every student's name and how they are progressing and are happy to talk to parents about any concerns. Shobukan feels more like a family than a karate class and I recommend them to anyone interested in karate.
  • 8555_237437903071684_1527636669_nMurray
    So friendly, welcoming and supportive! My son (6 years old) joined up and had such a good time that I joined as well. Such a great group there; for all ages and fitness levels. Thoroughly recommended!
  • 12549131_10153728359840708_1109454157026403075_nSamantha Lakin
    I've recently started my 3 and 5 yr old sons here and I love it (so do they!). My 5 yr old had previously been going to a different martial arts school but this one feels so much better. The staff and Sensei are all so friendly and it feels very welcoming every time we go. Sensei Mike is amazing with the kids and you can see he loves working with them and helping them achieve in a friendly atmosphere. The way Mike keeps the kids focused is amazing also. At the old martial arts centre, it usually felt like there wasn't enough instructors, but at Shobukan there are usually 1 or to instructors for 3 or 4 kids. Thanks, we love it!
  • 1919064_1431755953123_5736137_nNatalie Kowol
    We feel very lucky to be a part of Shobukan Martial Arts. My daughter and son have been under the excellent guidance and instruction of Sensei Mike and Dion for 4 years now. They have gained focus, confidence, a positive attitude, and respect, not to mention a tremendous knowledge of martial arts skills and safety awareness/self defence skills.....all while having a lot of fun! Being able to train at the various Shobukan locations also gives us the flexibility to balance our busy load ensuring the kids don’t miss out on their training. I have also joined Kick Box and Burn adult classes and I am also benefiting with exercise, martial arts knowledge and training, and having a great time while doing it! Shobukan has been a great addition to our family life.

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What else we do


As a member of the Australian Karate Federation, we are recognised by the Department of Sport & Recreation.This affiliation entitles our prospective members to apply for a KIDSPORT Grant through their local council. The Western Australian Karate Federation is the only Government recognised karate body in Western Australia , recognised by the Department of Sport & Recreation in Western Australia. Our instructors are require to undergo continuos professional development to maintain their government recognised qualifications.

Kids Karate Birthday Parties

If you are tired of going to the local soft play centre or fast food restaurant and watching the kids play the same old games, then let us help you create an experience that your child will never forget!

Learn more here.

The best form of Self Defence is Self Confidence.


According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, 1 in 4 children (27%) have reported being bullied from elementary school to high school.

If your child can properly develop self defense skills through martial arts, they can be an independent person especially when you’re not around to guide them.

Self esteem is actually one of the best skills that your child will learn during our training programs. In fact studies show that after children had been taught martial arts, they have increased self esteem. So, if you want to develop your child’s self esteem, you can depend on our martial arts services here at Shobukan Martial Arts.

Don’t let your child become a victim of bullying, enroll them now at SMA and we guarantee you that we will teach them about the best ways on how to prevent bullying in their school. Don’t let your child be a statistic. Enquire now about our Bully awareness programs.

Martial Arts philosophies such as focus, self-discipline, leadership, strength, adaptability, awareness of surroundings, trust, respect and goal setting, make a great foundation for any type of corporate event.

Sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs – whether you want us to present a theme in our unique way, or provide a bit of fun for your team, we will work with you to ensure your corporate event is a success.

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