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Fight the Bullying Epidemic with Self-Defence Classes in Gosnells and Perth

Bullying is an epidemic. According to research from the Australian Federal Government, one in four students in every Australian school is affected by bullying. That high frequency is alarming and it’s made only more worrisome by the fact that bullying can have long-term negative impacts on victims. Bullying heightens the likelihood of depression, suicidal thoughts, and even symptoms of psychosis. It is an incredibly damaging trend that can wreak havoc on a person emotionally and psychologically.

It’s easy to write off bullying as ‘just kids being kids.’ However, parents not taking bullying seriously only allows the epidemic to continue and escalate. If your child has been a victim of bullying—or if you simply want to make sure that he or she won’t be a target—then you might consider enrolling your child in a self-defence course.

How We Help to Fight Bullying at Shobukan Martial Arts

At Shobukan Martial Arts, we offer self-defences classes in Gosnells and Perth and have been doing so since we first opened our doors in 1974. The skills and values we teach in our courses can help to fight the bullying epidemic in unexpected ways.

First off, it’s important to realise that at Shobukan Martial Arts, we don’t teach self-defence classes with the goal of encouraging physical conflict. Enrolling your child in one of our Gosnells self-defence classes does not mean that you are giving him or her permission to exact revenge on the school bully. On the contrary, our instructors emphasise respect, calm responses to stressful or threatening situations, and non-violent resolutions to conflict. These values along with the self-esteem and confidence that your child will build while studying with us can help to diffuse bullying situations.

With the confidence gleaned from our courses, you may notice that your children carry themselves a bit differently than they used to. Martial arts training can teach students how to be more comfortable in their own skin which can affect how they are perceived by others. This change in outward demeanour may send the signal to bullies that your son or daughter is no longer an easy target.

Even if your child remains a target for bullies, Shobukan Martial Arts and our Perth self-defence classes will teach them how to handle altercations. Often standing up to a bully is enough to deflate their sense of dominance and force them to back down. The confidence learned from a strong self-defence course helps in these scenarios too as it helps kids who are the targets of bullying to be assertive and calm in conflict situations. If the bully doesn’t back down, your child will know how to dodge punches, block attacks, escape holds, and more. These tactics can help your son or daughter to avoid physical harm—even without throwing a punch or kick.

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Thinking about your child being picked on by bullies is not pleasant but the fact is that bullying exists and is common in schools across the country. Giving your son or daughter the tools they need to respond to bullying situations in confident, empowered ways is vital not only to keep them safe from harm but also to prevent the psychological damage that can cause them to live in fear. At Shobukan Martial Arts, we can teach your children both the art of self-defence and the responsibility that comes with learning those skills. Call us on 08 9309 1444 to enrol your child today.