Kali Sikaran – Martial Arts Weapon Training Perth

Martial Arts Weapon Training PerthThe training concepts of Kali Sikaran Perth are unique to the system.

They are based on Panantukan (Filipino Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino Kick Boxing), Stickfighting, Daga (Knife Fighting Training), Kadena De Mano (Close Quarters Range), Silat Kuntaw (Filipino Pencak Silat) and Dumog (Grappling).

These concepts are woven together into a complete and effective fighting system. The Kali Sikaran practitioner is trained to be able to adapt to any given situation.

With the ever growing violence on the streets today. The rise of crime and theft involving Martial Arts Weapon Training Perth, this style of Martial Art becomes increasingly more important in today’s society.

Kali Sikaran (a form of Filipino stick & knife fighting combined with the skills and fitness of Kickboxing) teaches us the etiquette, dangers and legalities involved with a wide range of weapons and combative situations.

This dynamic yet graceful flowing Art will show even the smallest of defendants. However you know how to safely and easily avoid. Disarm an attacker with little or no effort.

You will learn to avoid potential conflicts, defend against multiple attackers, one on one self defence, ground fighting, restraint and removal while still respecting the traditional aspects of Martial Arts Perth – self control, respect and integrity.

This will also help you in all aspects of your life and its challenges.

Suited for women and men alike, the fitness and confidence gained through the set drills and techniques. These techniques will inspire and excite all.

“Self defense with confidence”