Date :  16 May 2020

                                                           Seminar Time :

1 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

11 am (Western Standard Time)

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Con Kassis – 8th Dan

     Recognized as an authority on Kata.  
 One of the World’s most senior authorities on Kata judging.
                             Acknowledged by the late Grand Master Ken-ei Mabuni as his most advanced
                                                          Non – Japanese student Worldwide for the Shitoryu system.                                               
          Niapaipo was handed down to Con more than 30 years ago
He will share with you some knowledge and important Bunkai information not often given by leading authorities

Dion Panossian – 7th Dan

One of the World’s Leading Kata Judges.
A recognized International authority on Ryuei Ryu Kata.
                 This class will be featuring characteristics (Conformance) not often given or understood by athletes, coaches, and officials.

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