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Discover the Positive Impact of Martial Arts Classes in Perth, Clarkson, Greenwood, and Joondalup on ADHD. Join Shobukan Martial Arts Today.

It’s a lack of focus – every thought spinning toward new directions, every minute blitzed by distraction. Your child struggles with the simplest of tasks, unable to centre his attention. ADHD leaves him frustrated, confused, and unbalanced; and all you want is to ease the burden.

Shobukan Martial Arts sympathises with your child’s situation. We also offer a form of relief, with martial arts classes in Perth, martial arts classes in Clarkson, and martial arts classes in Greenwood helping to improve focus and build confidence. Our structured environment is ideal for those burdened with ADHD. To learn more contact us today.

Shobukan Martial Arts: About Us

Founded in 1974, Shobukan Martial Arts serves as Australia’s premier studio. Our experienced instructors – led by Master Kyoshin Kayo, an 8th Dan in Shito Ryu and a 5th Dan in Kobudo – help to foster physical abilities and self-discipline, connecting students to the skills they need to succeed in life (and Karate). All martial arts classes in Joondalup promote wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

They also promote focus. Our martial arts classes in Perth, Clarkson, and beyond provide children with the consistency they need, strengthening attention spans and sparking confidence.

The Effect of Exercise on ADHD: The Value of Martial Arts Classes in Greenwood and Beyond

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (more commonly called ADHD) affects millions of children, with the Every Day Foundation estimating between 5% to 10% of the total 4-to-19 age population. It’s a complex condition, interfering with the mind’s ability to process, regulate, and respond to stimuli; and its symptoms are wide-ranging, with children often experiencing restlessness, impacted social skills, extreme impatience, a need for constant motion, and more.

According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, exercise (including martial arts classes in Clarkson) can help to alleviate the effects of ADHD. It reports that regular fitness programs increase overall academic performance by 30.20% and increases mental processing by 2.5%. Movement stimulates the brain, delivering a rush of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine – three agents that enhance memory and mood.

Seeking martial arts classes in Joondalup, martial arts classes in Perth, and martial arts classes in Greenwood, therefore, can provide immense relief for children.

Choosing Martial Arts Classes in Clarkson and Beyond: Our Programmes

We recognise the importance of daily exercise for children with ADHD. This is why we offer two youth-centric programs: the Little Samurai (for those 4 to 6) and the Young Samurai (for those 7 to 12). Each of these options provides a structured, regulated environment – helping students train their bodies and their minds. They emphasise discipline, focus, and consistency.

They also provide self-esteem, with martial arts classes in Joondalup and beyond enabling children to channel their frustrations into positive outlets. This teaches valuable life skills and creates a greater sense of control.

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