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Looking for Martial Arts Classes in Clarkson, Greenwood, Joondalup, or Perth? Shobukan Martial Arts Promises Family Fun and Fitness.

There’s a feeling shared amongst your family – one of listlessness. You spend your afternoons tucked on the sofa, flipping through endless satellite channels and contemplating the crumbs on your fingers. Your bond is cemented by a television screen and this, you know, just won’t suffice. Change is needed, and Shobukan Martial Arts suggests letting us provide it.

Redefine your family time. Discover the value of martial arts classes in Clarkson, martial arts classes in Greenwood, and martial arts classes in Joondalup – with our experienced instructors turning fitness into fun. We’ll help you and your children explore the many benefits of movement (and we’ll also create some amazing memories). To learn more register for a free trial today.

Shobukan Martial Arts: About Us

Since 1974 Shobukan Martial Arts has provided families with an exciting way to strengthen their bodies, increase their self-esteems, and spend quality time together. Through our martial arts classes in Perth, we enable each student to experience the advantages of Karate – while in the confines of a lively and safe environment. This ensures positive experiences for parents and children alike.

Seeking a change from the day-to-day routine? Consider connecting your family to a new kind of fitness. Choose martial arts programmes in Clarkson, Joondalup, and beyond.

The Benefits of Martial Arts in Greenwood and Beyond

Pursuing active lifestyles is challenging. We provide accessible (and fun) options for families, though – with our martial arts programmes in Joondalup offering several key advantages. Enjoy:

Improved Health

Martial arts in Perth promotes wellness for all, with consistent movements promoting: lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, regulated glucose production, coordination, and quicker metabolisms.

Improved Confidence

Martial arts programmes in Clarkson emphasise technique and discipline – two elements that, when mastered, inspire both adults and youths.

Improved Focus

The rigorous structures of martial arts classes in Joondalup allow families to develop effective attention skills – encouraging them to listen carefully, remain focused, and develop both short-term and long-term goals.

Through these elements, martial arts programmes in Greenwood, Clarkson, and beyond promote a greater quality of life for the entire family.

Shobukan Martial Arts: Our Programmes

We seek to provide students with the skill-based training they deserve – and, to do this, we offer a variety of specialised programs. These include:

  • The Little Samurai (Ages 4 to 6).
  • The Young Samurai (Ages 7 to 12).
  • The Teen and Adults Class (Ages 13 and Up).

Through these classes, we accommodate all skill levels and physical abilities – blending a relaxed atmosphere with dedicated instruction.

Considering Martial Arts Classes in Perth, Greenwood, and Beyond? Contact Us!

Inject some fun into your family. Contact Shobukan Martial Arts to learn more about our available classes:






To request information about the Little Samurai, Young Samurai, or Teen and Adult Class send us an online enquiry. We’ll respond promptly to all questions or comments.