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Searching for Kids Martial Arts Classes in Tapping, Landsdale, Currambine, or Perth? Shobukan Martial Arts Emphasises Fitness and Confidence.

The streets once echoed with a series of sounds – the slap of sneakers against the pavement, the summer shrieks of delight, the sharp thud of footballs bouncing off homemade goal-posts. Now silence reigns. Children spend their days inside, exploring digital worlds and consuming sugar-sweet calories. The obesity epidemic has finally reached Australia.

Shobukan Martial Arts wishes to now counter this epidemic. This is why we deliver kids martial arts programmes in Tapping, kids martial arts programmes in Landsdale, and kids martial arts programmes in Currambine. We help to establish healthy lifestyles and smart choices, and we offer an exciting alternative to the endless smartphone screens. To learn more contact us today.

Shobukan Martial Arts: About Us

Since 1974 Shobukan Martial Arts has delivered a message of confidence, fitness, and motivation. We’ve enabled our students to set (and achieve) their goals, providing a safe and structured environment. As the premier kids martial arts programme in Perth, we believe that boys and girls deserve quality instruction and positive reinforcement.

We also believe that obesity is an all-too alarming trend in the nation – and we wish to provide our students with exciting, healthy options. Join our kids martial arts programmes in Tapping and kids martial arts programmes in Landsdale today.

Examining the Obesity Epidemic: The Need for Kids Martial Arts Classes in Currambine and Beyond

The Obesity Australia Scientific Advisory Council (OASA) recently released a troubling study, highlighting the rise in adolescent weight gain. It notes that 26% of the nation’s children are considered obese. By 2025, however, this number may increase to a staggering 33% – with sedentary lifestyles and improper diets wreaking havoc on young bodies.

As the leading kids martial arts program in Perth, we want to undo this trend: offering our students ways to have fun and get fit.

Our Kids Martial Arts Programs in Tapping, Landsdale, and Beyond

To battle the national bulge, we offer kids martial arts classes in Currambine. These classes – the Little Samurai (ages 4 to 6) and the Young Samurai (ages 7 to 12) – provide a firm foundation of health, confidence, and respect. Our experienced instructors guide each student through a skill-based program, helping them master fundamental techniques and gain self-esteem. Through targeted movements and basic motor functions, they also contribute to ensuring fitness.

Our kid’s martial arts classes in Landsdale and beyond combat the effects of the digital age – stressing coordination, balance and movement. This ensures healthier lifestyles for every child.

Considering Kids Martial Arts Programs in Perth or Tapping? Contact Us!?

Shobukan Martial Arts understands the challenges families face, with the sofa proving all-too-comfortable and the smartphones all-too-convenient. Through our structured children’s programs, however, we can promote exercise and wellness – without sacrificing fun.

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