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The Top Four Benefits of Kids Martial Arts Classes (and Where to Find Classes in Perth or Gosnells)

If you have been trying to find the optimal extracurricular activity for your son or daughter, it might be a great idea to consider martial arts. There are sometimes misunderstandings about martial arts schools with some parents assuming that these schools teach their students violent and aggressive behaviour. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth. While a kids martial arts class in Gosnells or Perth will focus partially on self-defence, these schools also teach respect, restraint, and self-esteem among other skills and values. Here are four reasons for why martial arts is so great for kids to learn.

Why Martial Arts is Great for Kids

  1. It gets kids active: Screens and electronic devices are everywhere these days and they’ve fundamentally changed childhood. It’s not uncommon for kids to spend most of their spare time texting on a smartphone, playing games on a tablet, or sitting in front of a TV. Martial arts classes give kids a chance to be active on a regular basis. Martial arts is also a challenging activity that will demand more and more from your kids on a fitness level as they advance. Since martial arts is such a positive goal-based pursuit, it’s a great way to get kids excited about exercise.
  2. It teaches conflict resolution: Yes, martial arts courses in Gosnells or Perth will teach self-defence. However, good martial arts instructors will also remind their pupils that learning how to fight and defend comes with responsibility. Learning to avoid fights or other altercations is a big part of what defines quality martial arts training. To put it simply, a martial artist should have the skills to protect themselves in a life-threatening situation but the control and calm to handle less serious conflicts with words and reason.
  3. It improves self-esteem: Martial arts can improve kids’ self-esteem in several ways. For one thing, they will learn to stand up for themselves and feel strong and confident in their abilities. They will learn to control their responses to stressful situations and become the master of their emotions. For another thing, they will progress through training by meeting goals and benchmarks, building confidence in their own abilities along the way. Both of these factors can create someone who knows who they are and what they can do and is comfortable with both insights.
  4. It provides a place to make friends: At Shobukan Martial Arts, we have seen many beautiful friendships blossom in our Perth kids martial arts courses. Since these classes teach respect and understanding and since they push students to pursue and reach the same goals, they tend to build natural camaraderie.

Where to Find Kids Martial Arts Courses in Gosnells and Perth

Are you on the lookout for kid-friendly courses at a martial arts school in Gosnells or Perth? Look no further than Shobukan Martial Arts. We have been teaching kids the ways of martial arts since 1974 and we are happy to welcome your son or daughter into our ever-growing family. Call us on 08 9309 1444 to enquire about our course availability.