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Shobukan Martial Arts Can Teach All Ages Karate in Perth, Tapping, Landsdale, and Currambine

Everyone needs a pastime that brings them peace of mind, whether it be fishing, hunting, jogging, writing, painting, or something like meditation. These activities become lifelong hobbies that help us make it through each day, one at a time. Having regular, enjoyable mental relief from your various obligations is vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. One less common pastime that is rapidly rising in international popularity is Karate. Typically seen as merely a form of combat, Karate’s reputation is not entirely inaccurate, though it fails to encompass many of Karate’s finer qualities. Martial arts have been proven for decades by scientists and medical professionals to feature a wide range of benefits to those who practice it properly and regularly, regardless of age.

Kyoshin Kayo came to Australia in 1971 and founded Shobukan Martial Arts in 1974 when he began teaching Karate in Perth. Since then, our facilities have expanded to provide lessons and classes in Karate in Tapping, Landsdale, and Currambine as well. With such and extensive background both with Karate as a form of martial arts and a lengthy resume of classes taught and other martial arts achievements, you know you are in the hands of professionals with Shobukan Martial Arts.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health with Karate

While it can be beneficial as with dance and gymnastics to start your child’s lifelong relationship with Karate at an early age, if you live in any of these locations and have never tried Karate for yourself, do not hesitate to experience it for yourself. It is never too late to begin reaping the physical and mental benefits of practicing Karate in Landsdale, Tapping, Perth, or Currambine. The physical benefits of Karate are countless and relatively self-apparent. Karate is simply good exercise. But it is much more as well. Practicing Karate also provides many of the benefits of stretching, meditation, and yoga. It also is a boost to mental health to have a hobby, a passion, something to occupy your time with, particularly something like Karate with measurable achievements that naturally encourage self-confidence. With hardly a downside in sight, it is easy to understand how Karate has been able to rise quickly in popularity as an outlet for all kinds of people at any age.

Don’t Want to Commit? Stop by and Have a Free Sample of Our Service

We understand at Shobukan Martial Arts that if you do not know much about Karate or feel it might not be a match for your lifestyle, you may be hesitant to sign up for a class. That is why we offer free private lessons to introduce you to Karate, allowing you to test our services without having to make any commitment. We know that many Australian’s only have limited exposure to Karate as a form of Martial Arts. That is why we want to educate the community while increasing involvement in this ancient and beautiful practice. With that in mind, you have nothing to lose when it comes to trying out Karate in Currambine, Tapping, Landsdale and Perth through Shubokan Martial Arts.