Keep Your Child Active At Home.


In this time of uncertainty, it important to keep some normality in our child’s life.

Schools have closed, homeschooling is challenging and all sports have shut down.

It’s challenging to keep your child physically active and mentally stimulated.

We’re limited to take them anywhere!

That’s why we’ve come up with a FREE Martial arts introductory program from your own home.

We will do Face to Face training in your own living room through ZOOM.  They don’t need a big space to practice. Most living rooms are fine.

Your child will see their instructor and they will be able to see them.

Your Instructors are some of the highest qualified in Australia.

All with working with children checks and over 20 years of teaching experience.

Martial Arts will keep them physically active, mentally stimulated and at the same time we will teach them important life skills such as self -discipline and respect.

Parents are amazed that after a few weeks in Martial Arts their child is;

 – More Confident at school.

              – Stays Focused in class and home

     – Has Improved Coordination

   – Bully Prevention strategies

We have added extra age-specific beginner classes

Beginner classes for;
3 – 4 yrs
5 – 6 yrs
7 – 12 yrs
Teens & Adults!.