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Most  Adults invest so much time in their children that they often forget to look after themselves. 

Work gets stressful, you become anxious, tired and your health deteriorates. 

Life is just moving too fast!

Most of us have had a gym membership in our lifetime. Only to get bored of the same routine that gives no mental stimulation and you find it hard to stay motivated.

Men & Woman are experiencing amazing results with improvement in their personal health & fitness because of Martial Arts

Before they started Martial Arts they found themselves:

  • Never putting time aside for themselves for exercise.
  • Thought they need to be fit and coordinated to get started.
  • Watched their kids do it for years and never thought to try it themselves.
  • Getting bored of normal gym classes and found nothing practically stimulating.                

Shred the kilos and tone muscle in a form of exercise that is a functional and effective form of self protection.

We have put together this amazing offer so every adult has the opportunity to try. Martial Arts with "no strings attached". 

No Contracts!

Day & Evening classes are available to suit everyones time schedule.

You Will Get These Powerful Benefits from Every Class.

Fun, Fitness & Exercise In  A Non - Competitive environment

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Life-Changing Results

Adults Speak Out

The Confidence To Stand Up For Yourself And Others

Self protection is as an important life skill. 

Martial arts teaches  self control of the skills that are learnt and the Confidence to stand up for yourself  - without violence.

Fun ! Fun ! Fun !

When its fun you learn more.

Especially when it is a structured in a well disciplined environment. 

You are learning to build a healthier body and mind.

Sweating, Smiling , Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be Fit To Start ?

Absolutely not! 

You will learn the moves gradually at your own pace with the help of your fully qualified instructor.

As you become more confident in the moves you put more enrgy into performing them and thats how your fitness improves. 

All at your own pace.

What is the right age to start?

Programs are available for all ages.

Martial Arts is for every age . You are never too young or never too old.  We have students that achieved their Black Belts in their 60's and are still going strong.

We have a class that fits just right.

Ive never played much sport or done much exercise.

Team sports are not for everyone. Not everyone likes the gym or feel comfortable being in one. 

Martial Arts allows you to progress at your own pace. No team pressure! Everyone is here to help each other on their journey of self improvement.

Ive Never Done Martial Arts Before. Is it Too Late To Start ?

99% Of the Adults in the program have never done Martial Arts prior to joining the program.

You will be assigned an instructor for you Introductory classes who will slowly build on your skills.. No experience required. No Fitness Required.

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As Adults we sometimes get frustrated because:

We never allow time for ourselves to keep healthy & stay fit.

Often wish we had started activities when we were younger and now feel its too late in life to start.

Worry that in this day of increasing violence that we need some form of self protection for our family... Just in case.

Always thought we need to be young & fit to start Martial Arts.

Wish you had more energy to deal with life's, family and fun!

5 Lessons &  Uniforn Only $39

(Uniform Value $75)

Functional fitness exercises that provide a whole body workout, keeps you physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Core Strength , Fitness & Flexibility Improved Within Weeks.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

PH. 93091444

Ph 9309 1444

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Martial Arts Will Get You Fit, Toned and Teach You Self Protection In  Fun ,Friendly Classes

Martial Arts can be practised by anyone of any age.

No Fitness Level Required! No Experience Required!

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Grab Our Introductory Program Special!

5 Lessons &  Uniforn Only $39
(Uniform Value $75)