Adults – Teen program

Everything said about karate for kids of course also applies equally to adults. However, for adults, there are a number of additional benefits to be had and skills to be learnt.

Karate is whole-of-body training, and it works on both the body and the mind.
It develops both the left and right side of the body, and therefore the brain too.
Karate offers both Physical and Mental Benefits.

Physical Benefits include
• Improved reflexes and coordination
• Increased performance in all physical activities
• Increased strength and stamina so you feel great all day
• Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness
• Cardiovascular workouts ( heart and lungs ) to keep you in top shape
• Greatly improved balance
• Ability to defend yourself

Mental Benefits include:
• Improved concentration for better work and study habits
• Stress reduction and the ability to relax
• Confidence in knowing you can defend yourself and your family
• Confidence in knowing how to deal with bullies and other confrontations
• A positive attitude toward life through self-confidence and self-discipline
• Self-esteem and your outlook on life
• Respect for yourself and those around you
• Motivation and an ‘I Can Do It’ attitude