Humility is one of the key value martial arts teach. Humility is necessary if a student is to show up regularly. A humble student listens to the teacher and does as told. For children to train consistently in Shobukan Martial Arts and succeed, they need humility. No body walks into a martial arts gym with a black belt. This means that new comers are the least experienced people in a martial gym.

Instructors encourage students to learn and seek advice from people who are more experienced than themselves. This teaches them the value of humility because as great philosophers like Socrates have said for you to learn you must admit ignorance. This requires humility meaning that children learn humility by default through martial arts training.

Martial arts students strive to increase accurate through practice. For example, they are required to hit a striking pad repeatedly. With time, students learn to kick with accuracy without missing. When a martial skill is acquired for the first time, students have to focus on the individual aspects of the technique.

In an effort to hit the target accurately, new martial arts students execute different moves with their bodies. For example, they aim to lift their legs in unison at a particular moment or throw a jab as they control breathing. Practice improves accuracy and this transfers to other areas in life.

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